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#ButchHamilton #Freelancer - The Good The Bad and The Ugly [Flickr]
The Good The Bad and The Ugly [Flickr]

Butch Hamilton posted a photo:

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

The Good

The Internet is a combination of all three elements listed on the above statement. The Internet can be a good, productive, information rich cavalcade of information, ideas, systems, strategies and content that can all lead to success in personal and business life. There is more potential on the web today than ever before, and the ever increasing move towards information lays the perfect fertile ground for those who are brave, or perhaps foolhardy enough to come onboard the web and try their hand at building something for the future. The possibilities are endless, and it it totally up to the individual on how they will approach the sea of endless information in order to throw their digital hat in the arena with all the others, and see just how they will fare.

The Bad

With all of that goodness abounding, it is scarcely believable the depths at which some will stoop in order to loose proverbial money from the hands of uneducated users on the web. Anything from dating and romance scams, to bitcoin perverseness, to the dreaded and most distasteful MLM or network marketing hype, lies and scams that will be found in more than adequate numbers on the web to literally melt the head of those who are not aware of what goes on on the world wide web of total and complete deceit. Be totally aware that NOTHING on the Internet is as it is supposed to be. Behind each and every statement of success, riches, power and money without end, there is a 97% failure rate of those barking the loudest about the brand new gold coin revolution that they have just discovered, and cannot wait to share the great news with you! Over the years, I have been privileged, or perhaps not so much been lucky, to have worked with, for and know personally, some of the most highly successful entrepreneurs on the web today. Once again, knowing what I know about them and their techniques to milk money from the hands of the unwary are absolutely mind bending.

The Ugly

The ugliest parts of the web, the social media networks, are perhaps some of the worst places where people gather, than the con men/women/gangsters of the world wide web frequent the most. They use them all in order to lay in wait for the unsuspecting newbies, and will stoop at literally nothing to see that their dastardly deeds of misbegotten deeds of doom and gloom live forever as they go about their daily routines of selling, manipulating, creative destructive software and literally trying all to wreak havoc on others. Having been assaulted many times on the web makes me an expert in all of their ways. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a one man crusader of good on the web. I am; however, knows anything and everything about the web, how it operates and how to maintain safety and a good presence on the web, despite all of the ways that others try their best to see otherwise done.

Internet Tales and Tips

Dedicated to that end of informing, making aware, keeping straight and making the way clearer for those seeking something better on the web.

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