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#ButchHamilton #Freelancer - The Internet Archive [Flickr]
The Internet Archive [Flickr]

Butch Hamilton posted a photo:

The Internet Archive

Dear Internet Archive (

Hello, my name is Butch Hamilton. I am a simple man with a job on the Internet. I am a writer. I write content for people and sometimes, they actually pay me for my innate talent of creating positive, original, thought provoking and highly readable, and often entertaining, content. I have been doing this for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, if you look back on your records, you will find my information listed on your wonderful website since late 2003. We have had a long, and most productive career together, or at least I was led to believe this.

I have done what I could to support, promote, talk about, advertise and tell others about your valuable services. I have basically taught, mentored and trained people by using your assets in how to build a successful and creative profile on the world wide web. In all of the webinars that I have conducted around the globe, I have always commented and promoted your services as one of the most highly prized on the world wide web today. Rivaling Google with your immense power and seamless integration, and offering people the ability to host any and all of the information that they have ever posted live to your service, still boggles my mind!

I have spent years in gathering, adding, creating and promoting your valuable uploading services, your extensive video libraries, your musical systems and literally all of the services that you provide for people just like myself, to be able to keep their information within easy reach.

For that, I am truly humbled, grateful and still, cannot believe it!

And Now, A New Twist of Fate!

Through some glitches, misguided informant, some misinformed egotistical moderator has taken it all up himself/herself to lock my account at the Internet Archives! I cannot even believe that I am having to write this public article about such a dismal and disconcerting activity that your esteemed website has stooped to on the web. When I go to, and view some of the information that is within clear view of audiences from around the world, and THEN, I think of YOU censoring me for my good content? That thought totally and undeniably takes me back to the onslaught of the days of Hitler!

So, Internet Archive, what is the next move on your part? Are you going to gather all of us hard working people who spend countless hours of working on the web in order to feed our families, and place us in concentration camps and go about the task of exterminating us and our precious data like they did in the days of The Third Reich? I am wondering what your next big bureaucratic move may be? Is Internet book burning now going to become a standard thanks to you and your organization?

I am noticing that none of the third world advocates of hate, violence and bad behavior are NOT having their content censored!!! But me, simple, hard working, diligent and unassuming Butch Hamilton is such a threat to your reputation, that you have censored me and given me absolutely no reason at all, and to date, no recourse of this absolute travesty of justice on the world wide web. Just another bureaucratic instance of censorship of the right to write. Yet another prime example of what I call The World Wide Web of Deceit!

I have been aware of Internet Censorship for years and years. It is running rampant everywhere we look on the web. We THINK we are in control of our content, and are welcome to say what we think about subject; however, when you begin to really look, all of the major players where we post information upon is a major censor of works. This could be a good thing in some instances; however, when it is purely a vindictive move on some moderator's part, the old give the guy a gun and badge syndrome, and not justified at all, then it is necessary to come forth and make a positive statement about the problem at hand. Quite possibly someone, somewhere may just read this, I doubt it, and take an interest in learning more about it.

As for me, words are what I have and I feel that it is my intent and purpose here to continue writing, no matter what some illegitimate misinformed moderator of a website thinks about my content being good or not good! Who knows? I may be in competition with them on a keyword that they think belongs to them!

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